What are corrugated fasteners

Corrugated Fasteners are a special kind of nails.

Unlike other nails made of steel wire, corrugated fasteners are stamped from thin steel strips. The corrugation of a certain shape is punched out of the thin steel strip. The left and right corrugations of each wave nail are symmetrical and have a certain slope. After being driven into the wood, the sloped corrugation can tighten the two pieces of wood.

Generally, nails are used to connect two or more pieces of wood up and down, while corrugated fasteners are used to connect two pieces of wood adjacent to each other. Moreover, the contact surface with the wood is large after being driven in, so the connection strength is very high. It is mainly used for nailing roof trusses, splicing and nailing base planks, and nailing door and window frames in house construction. Sofa frame nailing and wooden chair nailing in furniture production. And wooden pallets, wooden boxes nailed. Cracked wooden piles are repaired and fixed.

There are many specifications of corrugated fasteners. According to the size, thickness and hardness of the nailed wood, different corrugated fasteners can be selected. The shoulder width (Crown) of corrugated fasteners ranges from 12mm (1/2 inch) to 35mm (1-5/8 inch), and the length (Length) ranges from 6mm (1/4 inch) to 25mm (1 inch).

The corrugation of corrugated fasteners produced by different manufacturers is different, but the size of the nails is the same, which ensures the versatility.

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